Featured Article:Meditation or Medication for ADHD

One of the most promising interventions for adults with ADHD is mindfulness meditation. In mindfulness meditation individuals focus their attention fully so they can deliberately pay attention to moment-to-moment experiences and screen out all other distractions.

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Expert Advice: How is ADHD Diagnosed?

Think you or your child may have ADHD but aren't sure? It can be difficult to tell the difference between symptoms from ADHD and those from other conditions. Watch this video and learn how ADHD is diagnosed.

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From the Toolkit: Medication Log

If your child has been prescribed medication for ADHD, this tool helps you keep a day-to-day record of the impact of medication on your child, and can help your child's health care provider see whether or not the medication is having its intended effect.

Focusing Together on ADHD


The InsideADHD Toolkit contains useful tools to help you and your child throughout the school year.

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